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r2 Debarker

Nicholson r2: Low Speed Sliding Ring Debarker

Low-Speed Sliding Ring Debarker

The Nicholson r2 debarker is specifically designed to provide the superior debarking and maximum fiber saving benefits of a ring debarker in lower speed applications.

The r2 debarker’s production capabilities and competitive price offer a significant value advantage over applications that have traditionally used rosser head style debarkers.

Features and Benefits

Solid, Simple Design

  • Designed to be dependable and operator friendly, with low maintenance

Ring Debarking Technology Specifically Designed for Low Speeds

  • Proven, reliable ring design maximizes bark removal and saves fiber

  • Debarking pressure can be custom set to ensure superior debarking performance for different debarking conditions

Safe and Easy Maintenance

  • A service door in the bark shrouds allows safe, easy access when performing maintenance on the ring


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