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Nicholson genuine parts are designed specifically for Nicholson products and are manufactured to OEM specifications. Using original parts is key to ensuring optimal performance and service life from your Nicholson equipment.

Nicholson has considerable inventory of wear parts, replacement assemblies, and critical components for our full debarker range at warehouses located worldwide.

Complete Parts Support

Nicholson’s factory-trained parts specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By maintaining comprehensive machine histories and extensive spare parts inventories at our various facilities, Nicholson ensures you get fast and accurate support that you can rely on.

Modern Manufacturing Capabilities

Nicholson is continually investing in the latest manufacturing technologies, capabilities, and processes to ensure fast production of high quality spare parts.

Knife Arms and Knife Tips

Designed for Nicholson Debarkers

As the original equipment manufacturer for your debarker we have the unique advantage of understanding, from the ground up, how the machine components are designed to work together. Only Nicholson parts can incorporate that knowledge – genuine Nicholson arms and tips are designed and built specifically for your Nicholson debarker.

Cover the Widest Range of Debarking Requirements

A variety of arm and tip combinations are available to provide excellent debarking performance across a wide range of applications and conditions.

Fiberguard™ Feedrolls

Time Saving

The innovative bolt-on Fiberguard inserts can be replaced much faster than rebuilding a standard feedroll.


Different Fiberguard insert profiles can be installed on the feedroll to address your specific log diet or seasonal conditions.

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Regional Info

North America:
Phone: 888-656-3131
Fax: 250-656-3111
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For parts contact information for your region, please go to the Contact Us page and locate the region that is appropriate for you.

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