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A6 Debarker

Nicholson A6: Medium Speed Sliding Ring Debarker

Medium-Speed Sliding Ring Debarker

The Nicholson A6 is widely considered the industry standard for hardwood and softwood applications requiring low to medium debarking speeds.

The A6 is offered in a range of sizes and configurations. Nicholson’s sales team has the experience to guide you through choosing the best options for your specific application.

Features and Benefits


  • Strong structural steel frame ensures years of reliable debarking performance

Ease of Operation

  • Incorporates automatic ring centering and hold down roll positioning that is simple and easy to operate

Safe and Easy Maintenance

  • A service door in the bark shrouds allows safe, easy access when performing maintenance on the ring
  • Automated ring and airseal lubrication

Let’s Talk

Our team of experts is here to answer any questions.