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A8 Debarker

Nicholson A8: High Speed Fixed Ring Debarker

High-Speed Fixed Ring Debarker

The Nicholson A8 is capable of optimum debarking performance at high feed speeds and is the wood industry’s leading debarker for today’s high-production mills.

The A8 is offered in a range of sizes and configurations. Nicholson’s sales team has the experience to guide you through choosing the best options for your specific application.

Features and Benefits

Rugged Design

  • The maintenance free frame features 3” steel plate designed to withstand the extreme demands of high-speed debarking applications

  • Solid steel plate doors offer safety as log restraints and bark containment

  • Feedroll cylinder configuration ensures the weight of the log is directly transferred to the frame

High Performance

  • Innovative ideas and proven design elements such as fast acting bellows actuated knife arm control pressure and highly responsive plate knife arms contribute to make the A8 the best performing debarker available today
  • The feedworks drive system is a simple and efficient belt and jackshaft design featuring hardened gears and requiring only a single motor

Safe and Easy Maintenance

  • Debarking ring pullout system, fully opening doors, and removable covers allow maximum access for fast, safe service

  • Automated ring, airseal, and gear lubrication


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